Wading Between Two Titans

A logo for the Wading Between Two Titans shows a Black woman holding an infant in her arms with an older child staring into the camera from her hip. Behind her is a tidal wave and in the distance, the Norfolk skyline. The Repair Lab logo is in the top right corner and below her, a title reads "Wading Between Two Titans."

Wading Between Two Titans is a new podcast from The Repair Lab about place, race and power in the time of rising tides. This limited series investigates climate gentrification, sea-level rise and historic processes of racism. The podcast aims to tell the story of these processes and imagine potential solutions. As sea level rises and shorelines shrink, who gets to stay? Who has to leave? How did we get here? And what can be done?



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Created by Adrian Wood.


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Main Street Speaks

Main Street Speaks is a podcast that covers rural news, politics, and history from the perspective of three UVA students from the Northern Neck of Virginia. Past episodes have covered local elections, food insecurity, rural education, and much more. Beginning in the fall of 2021, the podcast is working to produce a series of episodes covering environmental justice in rural areas.

Main Street Speaks was created and is produced by undergraduate students Denzel MitchellAvery Shivers, and Tahi Wiggins.

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