Student Work

In Spring 2022, The Repair Lab awarded four undergraduate students $500 to support creative projects around environmental justice themes. 

Brooke Crouch (2022) created audio adaptations of her UVA Climate Stories project.


UVA Climate Stories is a platform for UVA students, faculty and staff to share their personal experiences of climate change in order to further the climate conversation. Listen to all UVA Climate Stories here. 

Shelby Lawton (2022) installed her multimedia projection work, "Take Flight." 

Several images of seabirds are layered in projection and shadow. To the bottom left, a digital painting of the Clapper Rail bird is superimposed over a smaller projection of the same. Several images of the bird in flight appear as cutouts, casting their shadows onto the projection. Diaphanous clouds appear behind the shadows of the cutouts, overlapping with the two bird projections. To the bottom right, a smaller, faint projection of a factory appears. The words, “Take Flight. Shelby Lawton, 2022. Installation documentation. Image courtesy of the artist.” Are in the bottom right corner in a serif font, light on a black background.

"Take Flight" illustrates that the decisions humanity makes now have much wider effects on the rest of the world in the future. See more of Shelby's work here.



Grace Beeman (2022) knitted a scarf which represents the emission level of a likely caricinogen, chloroplene, in LaPlace,LA, an environmental justice community.

A close-up of a knitted scarf shows stripes in orange, yellow, green and brown. Each strip represents a week of the year, and each color represents a different concentration of the carcinogen chloroplene.

Grace created this scarf to bring awareness to this issue and to support these communities’ fight for environmental justice.

Patrick Cloud (2024) continued work on a podcast about thrifting, upcycling and sustainable fashion.